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Is it how you feel ?
  • Constantly feeling low, anxious, stressed, or lost?

  • Having trouble sleeping ?

  • Struggling to reach your goals, or struggling to manage criticisms and keep beating yourself up?

  • Struggling to manage stress from work, study, or interpersonal relationships?

You don't have to cope alone.

We often face different challenges and difficulties in our life. At different stages of our life, we may inevitably encounter challenging situations (e.g. stress from work, academic difficulties, family issues, interpersonal difficulties, loss of a loved one) and may get stuck sometimes. These may give rise to a variety of difficult emotions, such as anxiety, sadness, or anger. Sometimes, these difficult feelings come and go in us, like waves in the sea, and may eventually subside over time. For some people, these difficult feelings may persist and get in the way of them living a life they want. 


People seek therapy when things are not going well in some parts of their lives. Professional psychological support may be able to help you at this difficult time.


Psychological therapy provides a safe, non-judgemental and affirming space for you to talk through your difficulties, explore the issues, work through your struggles, and build confidence in addressing life challenges.


If you or your family is experiencing emotional difficulties and have been thinking about seeking professional psychological support, please contact me to enquire about the services or book a session for consultation. 

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